If you’re worried about your pet, but you’re unsure whether or not you need to take them to the vet, 911 VETS® PriVET is here to help. We offer veterinary consultations over the phone, allowing you to call one of our experts and receive an assessment based on the information given. Upon our assessment, we can help you determine the best course of action for your pet, whether that be monitoring their behavior or scheduling an appointment for our mobile veterinarian to stop by your home. With that in mind, it’s important to note that a phone consultation is in no way considered a substitute for a complete physical exam with an experienced vet. At 911 VETS PriVET, we proudly offer the following veterinary consultations to residents of Los Angeles:

Daytime Instant Phone Consult

A daytime instant phone consult takes place during our normal hours of 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Typically, we receive daytime consults from new clients who are seeking answers about their pet’s condition. In most cases, the diagnosis is less urgent than originally thought, saving the owner a trip to the vet.

During your consult with one of our trained vets at 911 VETS PriVET, you will be asked to give the name, age, species, and breed of your pet, as well as the current symptoms and when they started to appear. If your pet is on any medication or has any existing conditions, you will also need to provide that information. Each call lasts about 15 minutes, during which the vet will provide you with an estimated diagnosis. Should your pet need an immediate house call from our mobile veterinarian, the consult fee of your phone call will be applied toward the related housecall fees.

Radiologist Consultation

During a radiology consultation, a board-certified veterinary radiologist will examine the provided images in order to provide you with a diagnosis.

Instant Phone Consult After Hours

For an Instant Phone Consult After Hours, the caller is typically a new client who calls between the hours of 11 a.m. and 8 a.m. looking for answers about their pet’s condition. This consultation will proceed in the same way as a consultation providing during our normal hours. Once one of our experts makes a diagnosis, 911 VETS PriVET will provide mobile vet services if necessary.

Historical Review

Depending on the pet’s condition, it may be necessary to perform a historical review. During this consultation, one of our expert veterinarians will examine the medical history and any priory conditions to determine if they are affecting your pet’s current condition. When the owner contacts 911 VETS PriVET, they will need to provide medical records to help the vet make a proper diagnosis. If necessary, our mobile veterinarian may also need to run lab work and diagnostics in order to diagnose your pet and provide the correct medical care.

Phone Consult Specialist

At 911 VETs PriVET, we also provide phone consultations to our current clients. If you have worked with us in the past, and you contact us about your pet, you will need to provide us with the name and phone number of any previous vets who treated your pet, as well as any necessary information about their current condition. Once we have the necessary information, we will diagnose your pet and contact a specialist who can provide a more accurate diagnosis. Typically, clients receive a return call within 24 hours of their original call once the specialist has had time to look over the information.


Need help interpreting lab results, radiographic, and imaging? Contact 911 VETS PriVET to have one of our experts interpret the results and provide recommendations over the phone!

Case Review

In addition to interpreting lab results, images, and radiology reports, our certified veterinarians can also help you review your pet’s medical records!

At 911 VETS PriVET, we strive to be there for you when you need us most. If you’re in need of phone consultation regarding your pet, medical record interpretation, or another medical service, our board-certified veterinarians are here for you. Give us a call today!