1. 7 Common Dog Diseases You Should Know

    If you have a faithful four-legged friend at home, keeping a close eye on their health is detrimental to the quality of their life and longevity. At 911 VETS Home Pet Medical, we understand how important your dog is to you, which is why we’re proud to provide mobile veterinary services for those times when your pooch needs medical assistance. Like humans, our canine friends are susceptible to al…Read More

  2. Are You Listening To Your Pet?

    You receive a phone consult from a worried pet owner about their pet who has symptoms of a chronic disease. You assess that the current condition is not an emergency but rather one that needs further scrutiny of previous veterinary care and the current pet in question. You convince the owner of said pet that as housecall exam would help to shed light on the current situation. The owner may ask a m…Read More