1. Injured Pet? Call an Emergency Vet in Los Angeles

    If you have a pet that has been involved in a household accident, it can be very trying to keep them calm and stress-free. They most likely feel frightened and unsure about what is going on, and can become aggressive if you try to move them or transport them to a clinic. At 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™, we can assist you in whatever way you need. As an emergency vet in Los Angeles, we've dealt w…Read More

  2. Contact Your Emergency Vet in Los Angeles Day or Night

    At 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™, we know that emergencies don't keep a schedule. They can happen any time, day or night, and require immediate attention. That's why we're more than willing to be your emergency vet in Los Angeles and offer you quick and effective help with your pet emergency. If your dog or cat has eaten something foreign or been injured, our care provider can be on the scene i…Read More

  3. Prompt Housecalls from Your Emergency Vet in Los Angeles

    If your dog or cat has suddenly become sick due to eating something foreign or they've been injured in some way, 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™ is your emergency vet in Los Angeles. We understand that transporting your sick pet to a clinic is often not an option and by coming to your home, we can provide the same expert care that you would receive in a veterinarian's office. We can arrive within t…Read More

  4. Emergency Vet Los Angeles That Offers Wellness Visits, Too

    One of the best ways to avoid a visit from our emergency vet in Los Angeles is to make sure your pets are getting regular check-ups. Wellness visits and regular check ups will help catch small health issues before they have a chance to become big emergencies. Judging the health of your pet on your own is a tricky thing to do. Pets are very good at masking illnesses from their owners, and they may…Read More

  5. Our Emergency Vet in Los Angeles Can Help With Your After Hours Emergency

    Just like you always seem to get sick at the most inconvenient times, so does your pet. Our pets often get sick in the middle of the night or experience an emergency that requires a veterinarian's help right away. So what do you do when you are faced with an emergency in the middle of the night? You call the most trusted emergency vet in Los Angeles, 911 VETS® Home Pet Medical™. Our emergency …Read More

  6. Our Emergency Vet in Los Angeles Can Help With Your Emergency Transportation Needs

    During an emergency with your pet, transportation can be a huge difficulty. You may not be able to move your pet on your own, or they may need medical attention during the transportation process. If your pet is in need of our emergency vet in Los Angeles, we can help get your pet to our veterinary hospital or another location where they can get the medical attention that they need. Our veterinary…Read More