At 911 VETS® PriVET, we’re proud to offer the best mobile vet services, including imaging and ultrasound exams, throughout Los Angeles. These excellent medical procedures are used to look inside your pet’s body without having to perform invasive surgery, and can be recommended for a variety of different health concerns. When our experienced veterinarians visit your home, we’ll conduct a thorough examination of your pet before recommending the best medical solution for them. We may request that your pet receive an ultrasound for one of the following reasons:

  • Abdominal pain with or without enlargement
  • Vomiting or diarrhea that will not subside
  • Weight loss with little to no change in eating habits
  • A negative change in urinary habits
  • Chronic infections
  • Cancer staging
  • Pregnancy

Pet Imaging & Ultrasounds in Los Angeles

Our veterinarians utilize the latest and safest ultrasound and imaging techniques to ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the entire procedure. These procedures are often performed with the pet lying on a padded cushion while one of our expert technicians applies alcohol to the area that they plan to examine. Our vets will carefully examine your pet with the help of an ultrasound transducer by gently moving it back and forth along your pet’s skin.

Once the exam is complete, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your pet’s results. If we notice an abnormality in your dog or cat, we’ll discuss the best veterinary solution for your furry friend. Some common ultrasound diagnoses include:

Masses in the Abdomen

If our veterinarians notice a growth or abnormality in your pet’s abdomen, they likely have a mass. An ultrasound can help us decipher which organs are being affected and if surgery is the best course of action. We may perform a needle aspiration or a biopsy to help us make an accurate diagnosis.

Bladder & Kidney Infections

If your pet is having problems urinating or is experiencing recurrent infections, they could be suffering from a bladder or kidney infection. An ultrasound is a great way visualize the bladder, obtain urine, and to identify stones or tumors.

About Ordering Ultrasound and Fees

PLEASE NOTE: A pet guardian cannot directly order an ultrasound study, testing, or treatments. These tests must be ordered by a referring veterinarian or by a 911 VETS PriVET doctor.

The professional fees for an ultrasound may (and usually does) involve an ultrasound-guided needle aspiration or biopsy to ensure we make a proper diagnosis of your furry friend. That being said, this additional procedure can result in extra costs. When 911 VETS PriVET visits your home, you may be charged a fee for:

  • Home visit
  • Procedure
  • Possible sedation
  • Biopsy or cytology collection fees
  • Lab fees

Depending on the diagnosis of your pet’s condition, you may also have to pay for treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, or another type of treatment.

If you’re looking for a mobile veterinarian in Los Angeles, contact the experts at 911 VETS® PriVET today. We offer routine and emergency housecall services, as well as home diagnostics and emergency transport so you never have to worry about driving your pet to the vet. Contact us today to learn more!