With the exception of intensive care, hospitalization, and x-rays, 911 VETS PriVET can perform just about every procedure that is available in a hospital in the comfort of your own home. Our procedures are performed either by a veterinarian, a technician, an experienced animal caregiver, or even yourself.

A broad list of our mobile vet services include basic care such as medicating orally or by injection, fluid therapy, enteral feeding, chest or abdominal fluid drainage, wound care, medical grooming, anal gland expression, nail trims, hospice care, chemotherapy, acupuncture, physical and hydrotherapy, and more.

All treatment protocols and diagnostic testing must be prescribed by a veterinarian. If your four-legged friend requires vet assistance of any kind, contact 911 VETS PriVET. We are proud to serve the greater Los Angeles area!