What testing can be done at home?

Depending on the vehicle utilized and equipment carried by the 911 VETS Network veterinarian Provider, a wide array of testing is possible at home. Certain test results are actually more accurate due the fact that the stress of transport and unfamiliar surroundings is not a factor. Stress, rough handling, self-trauma, chasing will all cause changes in laboratory tests. For example, cats will reflexively increase their blood sugar levels when frightened. This is important when attempting to regulate a diabetic cat. A blood glucose daytime, nighttime or even a 24-hour curve can be obtained with little or no stress to a cat at home by a trained, 911 VETS Technician Provider. In addition to a wide array of blood and urine testing, 911 VETS can perform microscopic evaluation of collected samples, blood pressure monitoring, diagnostic ultrasound, and if necessary x-ray studies can be performed by a Mobile Hospital Provider.

Remember, all diagnostic testing must be ordered by a veterinarian.