About 911 VETS Home Pet Medical Care

Is 911 VETS just like 911 for people?

Yes and no. 911 for human beings is a dedicated, national emergency system funded by your phone tax and other government sources. 911 VETS is a Network of veterinarians and veterinary technicians on call to respond to medical emergencies for animals. The similarities and differences are outlined below

911 for Humans
  • Personnel: Law enforcement, fire dept., private ambulance.
  • Location: Nationwide.
  • Funding: Taxes/Governmental.
  • Emergency Services: Life threatening medical emergencies, or criminal activity, transport to hospital.
  • Response Time: 4 min – 3 hours.
  • Limitations: Overloaded with non-emergency calls. Dispatch training inefficiency.
  • Complementary Services: Many agencies involved.
911 VETS®
  • Personnel: Veterinarians. Vet technicians.
  • Location: Greater Los Angeles since 2005.
  • Funding: Fee-based service.
  • Emergency Services: Life-threatening medical emergencies for pets, emergency transport, emergency euthanasia.
  • Response Time: 2 min – 90 min.
  • Limitations: Coverage in all areas 24 hours not yet attained. Traffic: no sirens allowed for animals. Not economically feasible for all.
  • Complementary Services: Animal Control. Fire Department. Fish and Game. Other Private Businesses.

I live in the Greater LA Area. How soon can you be here in an emergency?

While we hope to quickly respond to pet emergencies in all areas 24 hours a day — upon availability — it is not yet at full operational coverage at this time. We are building our network of caring veterinary care providers and ensuring coverage is an ongoing mission. Please remember if you are able to carefully transport the pet yourself to the nearest open veterinary facility it will increase the chance of life-saving care. If you are not able to safely transport the pet for any reason we will do our best to help you. Our response time when an emergency service call is initiated has shown to be somewhere between 2 and 40 minutes

Does 911 VETS only handle emergencies?

No. Emergency calls are only about 10 percent of our business. That is why the full name 911 VETS PriVET Veterinary Concierge is more accurate. We offer routine home veterinary care especially for those who do not have access any other way. Certain pets and pet situations can ONLY be managed on site, for example, a trapped pet requiring sedation, or pets who cause damage to themselves or people when attempting transport.

I thought all house call vets could do is home euthanasia. Is that what you do?

Unlike many house call vets whose bulk of their business is home euthanasia because of the small time and equipment requirement, 911 VETS PriVET is concerned with medical and surgical care to increase health and longevity. We understand the inevitability of death and desire to end the suffering when there is no other reasonable option. While we do offer gentle, respectful and painless euthanasia, this is only a small part of our business. That means that the vast majority of what we provide is the preventative, medical and surgical care of our Guardians’ pets.

Who are the Providers?

911 VETS PriVET uses consistent terminology to identify people involved in pet care. Dispatch refers to personnel who receive calls then locate and make service call appointments for our Providers. The Providers are either veterinarians or veterinary technicians who are pre-screened, interviewed, licensed, insured, and well-trained for the home pet medical or transport services they provide. These people work in hospitals in your neighborhood or somewhere in the surrounding communities. They make themselves available at other times in order to provide home care services. They are independent contractors with their own business or may be company employees. 911 VETS has made certain they are qualified to carry out the services we offer. They must consistently maintain our highest standards to remain in the Network.

Where is your hospital?

Our clinic after 8 wonderful years formerly located in Mar Vista/West LA at 11671 National Blvd. Los Angeles is now closed. We can handle 90% of what ails your pet right in the comfort of home. However, when needed we have a cooperative arrangement with local hospitals to handle surgery, dentistry and radiographs. We offer Pet Concierge service where your pet is safely and comfortably transported to and from the clinic. Thus we have the ability to evaluate and treat your pet in your home and, if necessary, transport to either our partner clinic or to any emergency facility 24-hours a day to handle critical cases as well.

What can your techs do?

Our technicians can safely transport your pet to and from almost anywhere. We typically transport pets between home and hospital, between hospitals and to airports, groomers, or anywhere else. The tech can manage critical cases requiring oxygen or any other supportive care. Our technicians can medicate and treat your pet the way the veterinarian intended. Often a busy practice omits the actual demonstration of administering medication. You receive the medication and the staff assumes you can give it. 911 VETS Home Pet Medical can actually show you how to effectively give the medication or perform the duty efficiency on the schedule prescribed by your vet. Our technicians can collect and process diagnostic samples as prescribed by either your clinic veterinarian or by the 911 VETS Veterinary Provider. Common sample collections are performed safely and with kindness. These include: blood glucose monitoring for up to 6 hours for diabetic evaluation. Techs can draw timed samples or as ordered with a minimum of stress. Our technician Provider aids the mobile veterinarian Provider with restraint, leverage, sample collection, surgical assistance and transport assistance.

What form of payments do you accept?

Most any form of credit card or debit card is the the preferred payment. In certain circumstances personal check or cash payment may be accepted but requires prior arrangement. We have easy no-interest financing through Care Credit if you qualify. All Service Calls must be pre-paid for at least the fee for the housecall visit. All Services must be paid for upon completion of the Service Call.

Do you take pet insurance?

The way pet insurance current works is that services are payable at the time they are rendered. Pet insurance claim form must be provided to the doctor to fill out, or in some cases obtained online by 911 VETS PriVET Dispatch. The forms will be processed including review by Admin and the Veterinarian Provider as well as any required signature. The forms will be returned to you in 2-4 weeks. There are many different pet insurance companies with differing claims processes that require administrative clarification. Be assured we are working as quickly as possible to process you claim. We will be tabulating data and will publicly post the ease and speed of particular insurance companies.