911 VETS PriVET is proud to be a leader of pet emergency house calls throughout Los Angeles. Our veterinary professionals understand how challenging it can be to bring your beloved pet to the vet, especially during an emergency, which is why we offer mobile veterinary services for emergency pet house calls. When you contact our licensed veterinarians for an emergency house call service, we’ll immediately travel to your place of residence to assess your pet’s condition. In most cases, our vet technicians will arrive within 60 minutes of your call, depending on traffic and availability. If you start to notice your pet acting abnormal or unusual, contact our experts in Los Angeles for immediate house call service.

Signs It’s Time For An Emergency House Call

If your pet is experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact our veterinary professionals for an emergency house call:
  • Your pet is having difficulty breathing
  • Your pet’s abdomen is enlarged
  • You notice bleeding or open wounds
  • Your pet becomes unconscious or disoriented
  • Your pet has eaten something harmful or toxic
  • Your pet is unable to walk without apparent pain
  • Your pet is crying without any signs of external injury

Emergency House Call Services We Offer

Instant Veterinarian Consult

We believe your companion deserves the best veterinary care and treatment possible inside and outside your home. When you call 911 VETS PriVET for an emergency house call, we’ll send a certified veterinarian to your home right away to assess your pet’s medical condition.

*Maximum call time is 15 minutes. Consult fee is applied to any exam service within seven days.

Historical Review

If you have recently adopted a rescue pet and are unsure of your pet’s immediate medical needs, our veterinarians can help. We’ll work with all of your pet’s known veterinary providers, in addition to performing lab and diagnostic work, to gain a thorough understanding of your pet’s health.

*The Dispatcher collects all medical records from known veterinary providers. Lab work and diagnostic images are obtained. The materials are reviewed by the veterinarian to facilitate relevant medical care.

dreamstime_14384031Daytime Pet Emergency Veterinarian House Call & Exam

If your pet starts to exhibit abnormal behavior during the day and you are unable to transport them to an emergency clinic, 911 VETS PriVET can come to your home and evaluate your companion in a quick and efficient manner. Our experienced mobile veterinarians are passionate about animal wellness and will work with you to determine the best veterinary solutions for your pet.

*Emergency Veterinarian Provider will arrive within one hour to evaluate one pet during daytime hours. Diagnostics, treatment, and/or transport to a local veterinary facility may be needed at an additional cost.

After-Hours Pet Emergency Veterinarian House Call & Exam

If you experience an after-hours emergency with your dog or cat, our licensed veterinarians can conveniently come to you to perform an emergency house call. We’ll ensure your pet receives the quality care they need to get back on the quickest road to recovery possible.

Please note: Our after-hours emergency services have limited availability.

*An emergency veterinarian provider will arrive within one hour, depending on availability, after 11 p.m. until 8 a.m. to evaluate one pet after our regular hours. Diagnostics, treatment, and/or transport to a local veterinary facility may be needed at additional cost.

Emergency Technician Vet Assistdreamstime_xxl_19808076

If you need a veterinary technician to assist you during an in-home pet emergency, our certified technicians will quickly travel to your place of residence to care for your pet. Our professional veterinarians are trained to work with several species of animals and can assist in a variety of emergency surgical and medical procedures.

Oxygen Administration

If your pet is having difficulty breathing, 911 VETS PriVET can provide your pet with oxygen administration during a house call visit and during transport to a veterinary clinic, if necessary. May not be immediately available in all areas.

Cancellation Fee: Emergency

If you contact our mobile veterinary clinic for a pet emergency and end up having to cancel your emergency appointment while our doctor is in-route to your location, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Additional Drive Time

When you contact our mobile veterinary clinic in Los Angeles for an emergency house call, our doctors will conveniently come to your place of residence to assess your pet’s health condition. If the travel time to your home exceeds 30 minutes, an additional drive time fee may be applied.

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