1. Fleas Still on Attack

    Day 10: it's madness here in this house. They are biting us all over. The children are scratching themselves to bleed. I keep fighting the little buggers. We spray and double apply Advantage and they keep coming. I keep finding them on myself when in the car (which I bombed), when in my bedroom (which was bombed...twice). Okay. So in the interim we acquired another canine host: Garbo. A 9 year old…Read More

  2. Big Dog on 2nd Floor…

    ...will eventually become a difficult situation. Mel (not his real name), the 110lb labrador mix still sporting his cahones, was slowing down on his walks in Sherman Oaks. His human dad was getting old himself and having back trouble of his own. The local veterinarian had found arthritic changes in his lower back and gave him a general pain killer (Tramadol, synthetic opiod). This was the day he c…Read More

  3. The Importance of Veterinary Follow-Up Care

    I have witnessed the sad effects of the lack of verified understanding of instructions between pet owners and veterinarians both as a hospital clinician and working in the field as a housecall vet. The state of veterinary medicine with all its advancements to rival or even exceed human medical care is at a crossroads. The shortage of veterinarians and trained technicians, especially RVTs (Register…Read More