1. Allergy, the Miracle and Maneuvers

    August 15 2011 You head out to another Sunday night emergency they come like clockwork especially during the full moon when the crazies are out and the police copter searchlights the area and now you’re stuck at La Brea near Olympic where the cops have walled off the block and you are trying to get to a whimpering pup in pain. You eventually pass the drama as the popo scans for perps and slither…Read More

  2. Don’t Feed Foods Containing Enterococcus

    FROM 911 VETS NEWS: Don't Feed Foods Containing Enterococcus March 04, 2009 Over the past several years, and most recently with increasing frequency, I have found urinary tract infections in cats and dogs with a particular strain of Enterococcus bacteria. Independently, I have come to scrutinize the ingredients of a myriad of boutique pet foods and have found a connection. Pets with Enterococcal u…Read More