You build a summary of a strange week of animal on animal attacks:1. Akita on Doxie2. Raccoon on Cat3. Akita on Sharpei mix4. Cat on Cat5. Coyote on TerrierSausage Baron’s Dog Takes Bite of Wiener DogYou respond to a call on Venice Boardwalk: a small dog has been attacked by his roommate dog. The poor woman moved in to a vacant room and has been also forced to share the apartment with a young ma…Read More

  2. There’s No Place Like a Home

    You enter the backyard of two dogs that have been fighting. It's just their house now. Then you hear about the manchild who lived there in Florence on his mother's good graces and has left his dogs at the boarded up house. But he did leave a dog house for the dogs. And a garage. The mother comes to feed the dogs every day for the son. The son bought another house in another neighborhood but he did…Read More

  3. Toyota Hybrid Highlander not worth it

    I am deeply saddened by the turn of events that lead my into returning the Toyota Hybrid Highlander LTD 2008 model. I was enamored with the gadgets: My GPS is gorgeous, a pleasure in navigation. Best to update your DVD map. I was stuck in Hollywood Hills or Echo park near Dodger Stadium at a beautiful, dark dead end. I still was unable to get clear stereo sound from the Apple iPhone (old hardware-…Read More