1. Picture Window

    You walk into a room. The foyer. High ceilings. Marble for miles. Buddhas. For some reason there's a lot of Buddhas. Bathed in exquisite light. Buddhas in different poses along the long wide marbled corridor. Or maybe there's signed movie posters covering the high walls. Signed baseball bats in collector plexiglas cases. Ty Cobb signed his baseball card and it's on the wall. Babe Ruth signed a bas…Read More

  2. Times are tough, Doc

    I paid $200 for this story. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. I think people usually at least mean well. Especially with respect to the care of their beloved pets. We as veterinarians aspire to live up to the ultimate pet advocate and humanitarian attributes as is expected of us and we truly must be. Unfortunately, we are a business and cannot be for no profit unless run by a board o…Read More

  3. Emergency Euthanasia – An Oxymoron

    If there was one service that 911 VETS offers that I would love to remove it would have to be the Emergency Euthanasia. 911 VETS is one of the only house call/mobile veterinary services that even offers this service. The only reason we offer it is due to the fact that we are frequently asked to provide the emergency euthanasia. Deciding the best timing for pet euthanasia is admittedly very difficu…Read More