1. Expert Assistance From Your Emergency Vet in Los Angeles

    If you've just returned home from a weekend away, only to find that your dog or cat is injured or sick, you could be - in your state of concern - unsure what to do to help them. Perhaps a caretaker accidentally fed them something they shouldn't have, or your pet knocked something over, injuring themselves. Whatever the case may be, when you need an emergency vet in Los Angeles, you can rely on the…Read More

  2. Injured Pet? Call an Emergency Vet in Los Angeles

    If you have a pet that has been involved in a household accident, it can be very trying to keep them calm and stress-free. They most likely feel frightened and unsure about what is going on, and can become aggressive if you try to move them or transport them to a clinic. At 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™, we can assist you in whatever way you need. As an emergency vet in Los Angeles, we've dealt w…Read More

  3. Contact Your Emergency Vet in Los Angeles Day or Night

    At 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™, we know that emergencies don't keep a schedule. They can happen any time, day or night, and require immediate attention. That's why we're more than willing to be your emergency vet in Los Angeles and offer you quick and effective help with your pet emergency. If your dog or cat has eaten something foreign or been injured, our care provider can be on the scene i…Read More

  4. Prompt Housecalls from Your Emergency Vet in Los Angeles

    If your dog or cat has suddenly become sick due to eating something foreign or they've been injured in some way, 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™ is your emergency vet in Los Angeles. We understand that transporting your sick pet to a clinic is often not an option and by coming to your home, we can provide the same expert care that you would receive in a veterinarian's office. We can arrive within t…Read More

  5. Picture Window

    You walk into a room. The foyer. High ceilings. Marble for miles. Buddhas. For some reason there's a lot of Buddhas. Bathed in exquisite light. Buddhas in different poses along the long wide marbled corridor. Or maybe there's signed movie posters covering the high walls. Signed baseball bats in collector plexiglas cases. Ty Cobb signed his baseball card and it's on the wall. Babe Ruth signed a bas…Read More

  6. What is Your Dog Telling You

    How in tune are you with your dog? Dogs react to the humans around usually as the leader of the pack. They want to lick you feet, clean your body, get INSIDE your body they love you and want to be fully accepted by you. When it comes to illness in our dog, how does the DOG want to appear to YOU pack leader? Strong and ready to do your bidding, of course. The DOG wants to hide any unworthiness, fla…Read More

  7. October 31, 2011 You find yourself descending a steep unstable slope helping the owner carry his dearly departed dog to his grave. Lucas, (not his real name) the Shepard mix who, with your merciful help, had succumb to metastatic adrenal carcinoma,. The perfect Halloween scenario finds you carrying the deceased with his hearing-impared muscle man owner who is misdirected down the slope to the palm…Read More