COVID-19 PANDEMIC:  We are still in operation helping sick pets using the safest protocol for all by limiting human contact as much as possible and are equipped with N95 Masks and gloves. Dogs are examined in an open space like a garage, backyard, side yard, courtyard or just outside your door. Hand us the dog on a leash and we will take it from there. If the dog is too large to move, we will com…Read More

  2. Puppet and the Goddess

    You hold Socks the Puppet Cat and pet him as never felt before. He doesn’t care; he can’t react. You determine Socks to be suffering from a neurological disorder where he cannot recognize where his feet can go. He feels his feet and withdraws, but can’t get up and move. Puppet Cat purrs and likes to lie in the sun. He eats heartily as long as the food is in his face. You give him a whole can…Read More

  3. Compassionate Pet Euthanasia in Los Angeles

    Watching our pets struggle with health issues can be tough and very emotionally distressing. At 911 Pets® Home Medical™, we offer gentle, compassionate pet euthanasia in Los Angeles. We are focused on providing quality care in your own home. We want your pet to be as comfortable and possible during this time. Making the decision for euthanasia is not an easy one. We are here to help guide you t…Read More

  4. We Provide Emergency Vet Service for the Greater L.A. Area

    Emergency vet calls are the biggest part of our business, but they might be some of the most important. Humans have had emergency medical services for a long time, but we didn't understand why the same service didn't exist for pets. If you are a pet owner, you know that your pet can run into trouble at any time. Their lives are as unpredictable as yours is, and it's nice to know there are emergenc…Read More

  5. Your Pet and Your Friends

    You have arrived at your destination says Siri in that pleasing yet authoritative tone where another friend's pet in trouble. Your friends give you keys to their place allowing you go in and treat their pet while they work. What are friends for? A vet friend is a great friend because he loves his friends animals like they were his own. Friends compensate friends by knowing who owes who a favor or …Read More

  6. Picture Window

    You walk into a room. The foyer. High ceilings. Marble for miles. Buddhas. For some reason there's a lot of Buddhas. Bathed in exquisite light. Buddhas in different poses along the long wide marbled corridor. Or maybe there's signed movie posters covering the high walls. Signed baseball bats in collector plexiglas cases. Ty Cobb signed his baseball card and it's on the wall. Babe Ruth signed a bas…Read More

  7. What is Your Dog Telling You

    How in tune are you with your dog? Dogs react to the humans around usually as the leader of the pack. They want to lick you feet, clean your body, get INSIDE your body they love you and want to be fully accepted by you. When it comes to illness in our dog, how does the DOG want to appear to YOU pack leader? Strong and ready to do your bidding, of course. The DOG wants to hide any unworthiness, fla…Read More

  8. October 31, 2011 You find yourself descending a steep unstable slope helping the owner carry his dearly departed dog to his grave. Lucas, (not his real name) the Shepard mix who, with your merciful help, had succumb to metastatic adrenal carcinoma,. The perfect Halloween scenario finds you carrying the deceased with his hearing-impared muscle man owner who is misdirected down the slope to the palm…Read More


    You build a summary of a strange week of animal on animal attacks:1. Akita on Doxie2. Raccoon on Cat3. Akita on Sharpei mix4. Cat on Cat5. Coyote on TerrierSausage Baron’s Dog Takes Bite of Wiener DogYou respond to a call on Venice Boardwalk: a small dog has been attacked by his roommate dog. The poor woman moved in to a vacant room and has been also forced to share the apartment with a young ma…Read More

  10. Allergy, the Miracle and Maneuvers

    August 15 2011 You head out to another Sunday night emergency they come like clockwork especially during the full moon when the crazies are out and the police copter searchlights the area and now you’re stuck at La Brea near Olympic where the cops have walled off the block and you are trying to get to a whimpering pup in pain. You eventually pass the drama as the popo scans for perps and slither…Read More