If your dog or cat has suddenly become sick due to eating something foreign or they’ve been injured in some way, 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™ is your emergency vet in Los Angeles. We understand that transporting your sick pet to a clinic is often not an option and by coming to your home, we can provide the same expert care that you would receive in a veterinarian’s office. We can arrive within the hour, after properly assessing the situation and obtaining your pet’s medical history.

If you are a new client and are just trying to find out more information about the possible urgency of your pet’s situation, we offer an instant phone consult where the vet will discuss your pet’s age, breed, and other pertinent information, in order to decide if an emergency housecall is necessary. With the proper information and background, a visit from our mobile vet may be avoidable. If not, we will provide the best possible care for your pet, ensuring that it is comfortable and secure the entire time.

Dealing with a pet emergency can be a stressful and trying ordeal. As your emergency vet in Los Angeles, we’re here to help you through the situation. A hurt and frightened animal can be dangerous to the people around them and doesn’t always understand that humans are only trying to help. With prompt and professional veterinary care, your pet has the best possible chance to come through this difficult time. Contact us right away if you need emergency vet services.