1. 4 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet, Part Two

    In our last blog, we looked at two reasons why microchipping your pet is important. Here, we look at two more. It can help your dog get home safely This is obviously the biggest benefit to getting your pet microchipped. A pet with a microchip is far more likely to be returned to its owner if it is lost. Most shelters and animal control centers have microchip scanners nowadays. With your pet’s id…Read More

  2. 4 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet, Part One

    Getting your pet microchipped is something that every pet owner should consider. Over the course of the next two blogs, we will look at four reasons why microchipping your pets is important. It is more reliable than a collar tag A collar tag is something that all pets should have. It should include at least two contact phone numbers, your pet’s name, and the city you live in. But even with all o…Read More

  3. 5 Myths About Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

    Spaying or neutering your pet saves lives. Pet overpopulation is a serious problem, not only in Los Angeles, but around the world. Nearly half of the pets that end up in shelters due to overpopulation are euthanized. Many people are hesitant to get their pets fixed because of the vast amount of misinformation that is out there. In this blog, we will be looking at some common myths surrounding thes…Read More

  4. Alaska Sky

    Pet Name: Alaska Sky Years Pet Lived: 2003-2015 Species: Dog Gender: Female Breed: Husky Mix Message: "Our Beloved girl, who brought such love and joy to our lives for 12& 1/2 years. Night night sweet baby, the bed bugs wont bite now. You remember we love you very much and Jesus loves you TOO! He loves all his creatures big and small, yes he does, he loves us all. Rest Well! We'll see you anot…Read More

  5. Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pets, Part Two

    Spring cleaning is a great way to get your house in order for the year. In our last blog, we looked at one of the major hazards that spring cleaning can pose to your pet: cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are a life-saver when it comes to cutting down on dirt, grime, and grease, but they can be a life-destroyer if your pet gets into them. Here, we will look at two more things to keep in mind whi…Read More

  6. Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pets

    Spring is here, and that means that many people will begin their spring cleaning routine. This is a great annual tradition that can lend to the fresh-start feeling that comes with spring. Cleaning your home, getting reorganized, donating unused items, and undertaking more home improvement projects are all great springtime activities. However, it is very important to remember your four-legged frien…Read More

  7. Signs Your Dog Needs To See The Vet, Part Two

    Knowing when to call the vet is an important skill that every pet owner should master. Last time, we talked about three reasons you should call for the help of a vet. In this blog, we look at three more reasons: Coughing Coughing can be because of something simple, such as an irritation in their throat. But it can also mean that they have an infection caused by debris lodged in their throat. Kenne…Read More

  8. Signs Your Dog Needs To See The Vet, Part One

    When your dog is sick, you can feel a sense of helplessness set in. But being able to know when to call the vet can help alleviate that feeling. Over the next two blogs, we will look at some warning signs that you should call a vet. Here are the first three: Decreased appetite If your dog has a decreased appetite, it can be worrisome, especially if your dog is usually a voracious eater. When a dog…Read More

  9. Warning Signs Your Dog Has Heartworm, Part Two

    Last time, we touched on a few warning signs to watch out for. Heartworm is one of the top causes for death in dogs. It is sometimes known as the “silent killer”, because symptoms can progress extremely quickly once the heartworms are full grown. That is why prevention is a major key. Heartworm medication should be part of your dog’s normal health care plan. Here are two more warning signs t…Read More

  10. Warning Signs Your Dog Has Heartworm, Part One

    Heartworm disease is a serious condition affecting dogs across the country. Luckily, this is a condition that is very simple to prevent. In this two-part blog series, we will look at some of the warning signs you should be aware of. Here are the first three: No symptoms In the early stages of a heartworm infection, there will be no symptoms. It can take up to six months for the worm to fully matur…Read More