1. Emergency Euthanasia – An Oxymoron

    If there was one service that 911 VETS offers that I would love to remove it would have to be the Emergency Euthanasia. 911 VETS is one of the only house call/mobile veterinary services that even offers this service. The only reason we offer it is due to the fact that we are frequently asked to provide the emergency euthanasia. Deciding the best timing for pet euthanasia is admittedly very difficu…Read More

  2. Obsessing with Symptoms

    Many of my dear clients work from home and enjoy the special benefit of hanging out with the pets all day and into the night. Some are very observant and detect aberrations of behavior due to the fact that they are apparently eagerly distracted by the beauty and wonder of their babies. Unfortunately, certain negative behaviors and occasional symptoms of disease occur and the owner feels they must …Read More

  3. Big Dog on 2nd Floor…

    ...will eventually become a difficult situation. Mel (not his real name), the 110lb labrador mix still sporting his cahones, was slowing down on his walks in Sherman Oaks. His human dad was getting old himself and having back trouble of his own. The local veterinarian had found arthritic changes in his lower back and gave him a general pain killer (Tramadol, synthetic opiod). This was the day he c…Read More

  4. Toyota Hybrid Highlander not worth it

    I am deeply saddened by the turn of events that lead my into returning the Toyota Hybrid Highlander LTD 2008 model. I was enamored with the gadgets: My GPS is gorgeous, a pleasure in navigation. Best to update your DVD map. I was stuck in Hollywood Hills or Echo park near Dodger Stadium at a beautiful, dark dead end. I still was unable to get clear stereo sound from the Apple iPhone (old hardware-…Read More

  5. Feline Urinary Syndrome

    Pet owners be on the lookout for symptoms of FLUTD or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. It seems to be more prevalent in the Fall and Winter months. Cat owners will notice strange elimination habits of their feline children. They begin to frequent the litterbox. Spend a great bit of time therein. Sometimes spots of bloody pee are found outside the box. What is the cause of this problem? Why in t…Read More

  6. 911 VETS Goes Hybrid: Highlander is Cool

    The current escalation in fuel prices has been especially hard for mobile professionals. Our business continues to expand throughout So Cal involving greater distances traveled and greater fuel consumption. The replacement of my trusty 2004 Toyota Highlander with the latest in Hybrid technology: 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited with GPS and voice activated map and phone capabilities is ideal …Read More

  7. Dog Saved by Viagra

    Another beneficial use of the most popular medication on the planet has turned up in veterinary medicine: Viagra AKA sildenafil citrate. I have recently learned its other miraculous uses other than the drug's emotionally and over-utilized beneficial side-effect. A wonderful cattle dog, Rat, was seen for weakness and exercise intolerance. Rat lived with his two owners in beautiful Topanga, the town…Read More

  8. The Importance of Veterinary Follow-Up Care

    I have witnessed the sad effects of the lack of verified understanding of instructions between pet owners and veterinarians both as a hospital clinician and working in the field as a housecall vet. The state of veterinary medicine with all its advancements to rival or even exceed human medical care is at a crossroads. The shortage of veterinarians and trained technicians, especially RVTs (Register…Read More

  9. Veterinary Home Care Providers Have Unique Insight

    Throughout my career in veterinary medicine, I have practiced both in numerous facilities as well as practicing as a mobile veterinarian since the mid-eighties. I have discovered that those vets who choose housecall practice have a unique insight into the health of the pet living in the home environment. While obtaining the history of my patient, I find myself looking around the home for factors t…Read More