Last time, we touched on a few warning signs to watch out for. Heartworm is one of the top causes for death in dogs. It is sometimes known as the “silent killer”, because symptoms can progress extremely quickly once the heartworms are full grown. That is why prevention is a major key. Heartworm medication should be part of your dog’s normal health care plan. Here are two more warning signs to keep an eye out for:

Bulging chest
A dog with an advanced heartworm infection will often have a swollen abdomen. There can be a variety of causes for this, including anorexia caused by the infection, fluid build up in the lungs, and more. Your dog’s ribs will become much more pronounced, as well.

Once the heartworm infestation is in full swing, your dog will begin to experience severe lethargy. Even the smallest exertions of energy can be too much for them to handle in some cases. As we mentioned in our last blog, this can even extend to simple tasks like eating. Your pet will seem tired all of the time and reluctant to even get up. When they do, they will run out of energy very quickly.

If you suspect that your dog might have a heartworm infection, don’t take any chances. It is better to be safe than sorry. Our mobile vet in Los Angeles can provide all of the in-home veterinary services that you need. Call us today to schedule your visit, or to learn more about our mobile vet services!