memorial-daisy-220x220Nail trimming is an important part of a regular grooming routine for your pet. Let our mobile vet service in Los Angeles come to you for this quick and easy procedure. If your dog’s nails get too long, they can break, which is painful and can lead to infection. Although it is extremely important, many people cannot or do not like to trim their dog’s nails. That is where we come in! It is a task that can make both people and dogs anxious. Use these techniques to help the process:

Associate Nail Trimming With Good Things

Many animals find nail trimming to be an unpleasant experience. Some seem to naturally dislike the sensation of people handling their feet. Nail trimming can also cause discomfort when the clippers squeeze or twist the nail. If you accidentally cut the nail too short it can cause bleeding. The good news is you can teach your dog to tolerate and maybe even enjoy the process. Positive rewards can go a long way here. For example, clip a nail and then give your dog a treat.

Take It Slow And Easy

If your dog isn’t used to getting his or her nails trimmed, the last thing you want to do is scare and overwhelm them by rushing through the process. Be sure to take extra time to introduce the clippers themselves as well as the sensations associated with trimming their nails. The first time you use the clippers just trim one or two nails remembering to give them rewards for good behavior. Speak calmly using a reassuring tone.

No need to worry if you don’t feel up to the task because we can come to you and make sure your furry family member’s basic needs are taken care of.