Spring is here, and that means that many people will begin their spring cleaning routine. This is a great annual tradition that can lend to the fresh-start feeling that comes with spring. Cleaning your home, getting reorganized, donating unused items, and undertaking more home improvement projects are all great springtime activities. However, it is very important to remember your four-legged friends when you are getting ready for these projects! Here is the first thing to keep in mind:

Keep chemicals safely stored

Spring cleaning can make your home feel like new again. But be careful, because most of the chemicals we use to clean our homes are extremely dangerous to our pets. Many pets are naturally curious, and will try to get into anything that is sitting around unattended. Even if your pets are very well trained, they may be attracted to the scents of the cleaning chemicals. Your best bet is to make sure they are alway safely stored when you are not directly using them. Another great option would be to kennel your pets, either in a pet kennel, or even just a room you aren’t currently working in, while you are doing your kennel. If your pet consumes any of these products, our mobile vet in Los Angeles can help provide the quick care they need to avoid disaster.

As you can see, spring can be a somewhat hazardous time for your pets. Next time, we will look at two more things to keep in mind. Check back soon!