Spring cleaning is a great way to get your house in order for the year. In our last blog, we looked at one of the major hazards that spring cleaning can pose to your pet: cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are a life-saver when it comes to cutting down on dirt, grime, and grease, but they can be a life-destroyer if your pet gets into them. Here, we will look at two more things to keep in mind while you are spring cleaning to ensure that your pet stays safe:

Be aware of pet allergies

Just like humans, pets can get allergies. Spring cleaning can kick up a lot of dust that has settled over the fall and winter. You may not even realize just how much dust is in your home, until you start spring cleaning and it is stirred back into the air. Many people suffer from dust allergies, and some pets do as well. Pollen is another allergen that can lay dormant in your home. Keep a close eye on your pet, and contact a vet as soon as possible if you think they might have allergies.

Microchip your pet

A big part of spring cleaning is getting rid of items you no longer use. Whether you are taking them to the dump, donating them, or selling them at a garage sale, chances are good that it will involve a lot of in and out activity through your front door. This is a prime time for your pet to escape, unfortunately. If you haven’t already, you should get your pet microchipped. This can be a huge help if your pet does go missing. Our advice: keep your pet locked up while you are moving items in and out of the house.

If your pet suffers from any type of accident during spring cleaning, our mobile vet in Los Angeles can help. Call today!