When your dog is sick, you can feel a sense of helplessness set in. But being able to know when to call the vet can help alleviate that feeling. Over the next two blogs, we will look at some warning signs that you should call a vet. Here are the first three:

Decreased appetite
If your dog has a decreased appetite, it can be worrisome, especially if your dog is usually a voracious eater. When a dog doesn’t eat normally, it can be a sign of serious pain, illness, or discomfort. Since there are so many different reasons that could lead to a decreased appetite, it is important to seek veterinary consultation as soon as you notice the change.

Low energy
A lethargic dog is a sad sight. It can be hard, at first, to distinguish between a dog who is simply being lazy, and a dog who is truly experiencing fatigue or lethargy. When a dog succumbs to the effects of overwhelming weakness, it can be a warning sign of serious problems.

Has your dog been vomiting? Sometimes this is a one-time occurrence, and nothing needs to be done. If they are happy and alert, but vomit just once, you probably do not need to see a vet. On the other hand, if they are vomiting multiple times, seem distressed, have blood in their vomit, or seem bloated, it is best to get the vet involved.

When your dog is sick, they can’t tell you exactly what is wrong, and that can be scary. That is why it is important to be able to recognize the warning signs that indicate a veterinarian should be sought out. We make it easy for you to get high-quality vet care. Our mobile vet in Los Angeles will come to you, so call us today if you need help!