Living in the beautiful state of California, we are lucky enough to have beaches to enjoy with friends, family, and our dogs. For most people, their dog is another member of the family so you need to make sure that they are prepared to avoid needing a mobile vet in Los Angeles. Here are five things you must know to keep your dog safe at the beach:

  1. Make sure your dog can swim. We assume that all dogs can swim when the truth is, they can’t. Not every dog knows how to swim instinctively and some breeds are unable to.
  2. Lifejackets are a dog’s best friend! Fatigue, heavy waves, riptides, and other dangers can cause your dog to go under. Dog life jackets come in sizes for all breeds. Make sure it has a handle on the dog’s back so you can easily remove them from the water.
  3. Drinking ocean water. Dogs generally know not to drink the water, but take extra care to make sure they don’t to avoid sickness.
  4. Sea creatures. The ocean is a beautiful thing full of amazing creatures. However, some of these creatures can be harmful to humans and dogs. Keep an eye out for jellyfish, coral, and sharp shells that can cut their feet.
  5. Pay close attention to their body signals. Dogs cannot tell when they are getting tired, and if they could stay in the water forever, they would. Give them plenty of rest breaks.

Most dogs love the water, especially on hot days, and spending time with their beloved owner is a great way to spend the day. Make sure your dog is safe so you will both have fun.