memorial-stormy-220x220Many family pets, especially cats, experience extreme distress when they must travel in the car even if it is for a short distance. In fact, it is not unusual for a frightened cat or dog to vomit or lose bladder control on rides to and from the vet’s office. With our mobile vet service in Los Angeles, you are waiting in the comfort of your own home while your pet remains calm. Families with several pets can get everyone checked at the same time which avoids multiple vet appointments. Examining a pet in their own environment is more helpful and productive than attempting to diagnose a problem when the animal is stressed out during a visit to the vet. Having your veterinarian come to you lowers the risk of your pet becoming exposed to diseases that may be hiding in a clinic waiting room. This is especially important if your pet is young, elderly, or has a weakened immune system. A growing number of pet owners are turning to mobile veterinarians to care for furry family members for these reasons:

  • Pets who are shy, scared or skittish
  • Elderly pets
  • Large dog breeds with mobility problems
  • Animals who are aggressive
  • Multi-pet households
  • People with hectic or unpredictable schedules
  • Couples with a new baby or young children at home

In this day and age, everything is about convenience and time management. We all have busy schedules and want to make the most out of our daily lives which is why we make taking care of your pet’s needs easier than ever.