Spaying or neutering your pet saves lives. Pet overpopulation is a serious problem, not only in Los Angeles, but around the world. Nearly half of the pets that end up in shelters due to overpopulation are euthanized. Many people are hesitant to get their pets fixed because of the vast amount of misinformation that is out there. In this blog, we will be looking at some common myths surrounding these procedures in an attempt to clear up some of the confusion that exists.

Myth: Allow your female pet to have one litter before spaying them.

Fact: Spaying your female pet before their first heat is actually much better for them. Give us a call today and we can give you a recommendation on just how early you can spay your particular pet.

Myth: Spaying or neutering my pet will make them fat and

Fact: The only things that will make your pet fat or lazy is overfeeding them and not getting them enough exercise.

Myth: My pet will experience negative behavioral changes.

Fact: On the contrary, fixing your pet will help to stop negative behaviors, such as marking territory.

Myth: These procedures will cause my pet unnecessary pain.

Fact: Your pet will be medicated and under anesthesia during the operation, and will be prescribed pain medication to mitigate pain during the fast recovery time.

Myth: I can find good homes for the whole litter.

Fact: Even if you can find homes for your pet’s litter, you are opening the door to the possibility that those animals may end up reproducing. If you have family or friends who are looking for a new pet, point them in the direction of a pet shelter.

As you can see, many of the reasons that people have for not wanting to spay or neuter their pets are completely unfounded. Be a responsible pet owner, and have your pets spayed or neutered. Call us today to learn more about our mobile vet service in Los Angeles.