When adopting a puppy, most people can’t wait to get started on teaching their dog tricks. Not only can teaching a dog tricks help them learn discipline, but when you teach them the right tricks, it can potentially help save their life. With that in mind, before you start teaching your new puppy how to fetch or play dead, it’s a good idea to have them learn some of the most basic commands. In today’s post, we will discuss five commands that may seem basic, but are vital for your pup to know.

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Some dogs have a lot of energy, and if you’ve ever tried strapping an energetic dog into a harness before a walk, you know how frustrating that can be at times. Luckily, this is just one example of how the sit command can work in your favor. If you have a rather excitable dog, teaching them how to sit can help curb some of that excitement, especially in situations where it could get them into trouble or endanger others. For example, if you have company coming over, and they have a young child, depending on the size of the dog, getting too excited could lead to the child potentially getting hurt. However, teaching your pup the sit command can help teach them how to be patient and calm, especially when meeting new people or other animals.


The stay command goes hand in hand with the sit command. When you give your dog the sit command, it puts them in a holding place while they wait for the next command. When you couple the sit command with the stay command, it tells your dog that they aren’t allowed to go anywhere. The command of telling your dog not to go anywhere can come in handy in a myriad of different scenarios. In the situation mentioned above, telling your dog to stay allows guests to greet your pup first, while also telling your dog to stay back and be patient. Another example is if you take your dog to a park or have them in the front yard. Instead of having your dog run off, you can give them the stay command, ensuring they will stay right where they are and not get into trouble.

Drop It

Many people associate the drop it command with playing fetch, and while this command does come in handy for those playful activities, it can also help your dog for taking and eating something they aren’t supposed to. Consider this: you and your dog are at the park, and your dog runs off and returns with something in their mouth. If your dog isn’t trained on the drop it command, they may run as you try to approach them to see what’s in their mouth. With the drop it command, you can teach your dog to immediately drop anything they have in their mouth, whether it’s a ball, stick, or even a harmful substance they shouldn’t be eating.


The last thing you want is for your dog to be running off when you’re in unfamiliar places. That’s where the heel command can come in handy. The heel command is designed to keep your pup right by your side, regardless of whether or not they are on a leash. This command can be especially helpful when you’re walking with your dog off the leash, as it will keep them right by your side, and you can trust that they won’t run away. Additionally, even if you’re walking your dog on the leash, it can make walks more enjoyable, as you won’t have to keep tugging on the leash to keep them back. The heel command can be especially beneficial if you’re walking through or visiting a place you don’t know very well, and you won’t have to worry about watching your surroundings and your dog at the same time.


There may be some situations where you let your dog loose to have fun, run, and play. However, you want to be sure that they will come back to you when you call them, which is where the come command comes into play. Giving your dog the come command is a great way to reestablish control with your pup, especially if they’ve been running around a park playing with other dogs. Additionally, if your dog is in a potentially dangerous situation, such as getting too close to a busy street, using the come command can ensure that they will come right back to you and stay out of harm’s way.

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