In our last blog, we looked at two reasons why microchipping your pet is important. Here, we look at two more.

It can help your dog get home safely

This is obviously the biggest benefit to getting your pet microchipped. A pet with a microchip is far more likely to be returned to its owner if it is lost. Most shelters and animal control centers have microchip scanners nowadays. With your pet’s identification information safely embedded under their skin, it is much likelier that they will be safely back home in short order. As an added layer of security, consider adding a second tag to your dog’s collar with the microchip company’s information on it. This is an easy way to let everyone know that your pet has a microchip embedded.

It is proof of ownership

The information you register on your pet’s microchip is the ultimate proof of ownership in the case of any dispute. There are several reasons why an ownership dispute may occur, and microchip information helps to protect your case. Many times these disputes boil down to your word against someone else’s, but with a microchip, you have something better than that. Don’t take any chances when it comes to proving your ownership of your pet; get them microchipped at your earliest convenience.

As you can see, microchipping your pet is full of benefits, with no downsides. Call us today for recommendations on microchip providers. Contact us immediately if your pet is in need of mobile vet services in Los Angeles.