When an emergency arises, it’s important to remain calm and follow preventative steps that you’ve outlined for yourself and for your family. You make a plan in the event of a fire, a flood, or any other household emergency, so why not have a plan for when the situation involves your pet. A sick or injured pet can’t simply tell you what’s wrong and if you panic, you’ll only make the situation worse. As your emergency vet in Los Angeles, 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™ can come to your home and help keep everyone calm, animals and humans alike.

Time may be a factor in treating your pet, especially if they’ve ingested a foreign object. You may not have the time or the ability to load your pet into the car and drive them to a clinic. With our on-call emergency services, we can be to your house as quickly as possible, equipped with the tools and knowledge to properly care for your pet. We understand that you’re perhaps a bit emotionally distressed due to the situation, and we’ll strive to provide a comforting presence during your pet’s time of need.

Don’t let a situation get out of hand because there’s no plan in place when an emergency arises. Add 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™ to your plan and we’ll be prepared to be your emergency vet in Los Angeles. We can work with any size of animal and will remain communicative the entire time we’re with you. When something happens, call 310-341-0216 right away.