Making the decision to put your pet to sleep can be one of the toughest, most difficult decisions in life. Your pet is your companion, your friend, and a member of the family. For humane in-home dog euthanasia in Los Angeles, we hope you’ll choose 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™. We will provide gentle, compassionate care in your house, helping your dog to feel calm and relaxed during this trying time.

By conducting our services in your home, it makes it easier for your dog to be surrounded by people and things that are familiar. It also removes the stress of having to transport your pet to a clinic, which can be rife with foreign smells and sounds. If your dog’s pain and suffering has escalated, we also offer 24 hour emergency service. We understand that this an emotional time for your family, and we don’t want to prolong the agony of your pet.

When your pet has passed, we can take care of memorials and aftercare services. We offer decorative urns and personalized paw prints that will help you remember the years of love and companionship that you shared with your dog. Losing a beloved animal can be rough. 911 Vets® is here to provide professional, humane care to your dog, making the transition from life to afterlife as easy as possible. Please feel free to contact us with your needs and concerns around this sensitive matter. We will gladly consult with you over the phone about all your options concerning dog euthanasia in Los Angeles.