Making the decision to put your beloved pet to sleep can be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever have to make. At 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™, we understand that you need time to think about the next steps regarding your pet, and if you make the decision to end their pain and suffering, we’ll be there to offer helpful and compassionate pet euthanasia in Los Angeles. We provide in-home care and coordinate with you to help your pet pass peacefully.

When we arrive at your home, we will do everything we can to make your pet comfortable. We can use a two injection method of euthanasia, the first being a heavy sedative to relax your pet, and the second a barbiturate to put your pet to sleep, where they will no longer feel any pain or discomfort. We understand that this is an emotionally-trying time for you and your family, and we will be there to provide any assistance and comfort that is needed, as well as giving you time alone with your pet before and after the procedure.

For pet euthanasia in Los Angeles, we want to meet your needs and address your concerns in every way possible. We understand that it’s not always convenient or feasible to transport a suffering pet to a clinic. That’s why we come to you, bringing our knowledge and expertise to your home, giving your pet the opportunity to spend its last days surrounded by those that love them. If you’re in need of our services, please don’t hesitate to call right away.