You love your dog and you’ve spent countless hours with them, exploring the parks and lakes near your home. As a companion, you couldn’t ask for a better match. Sadly, as dogs grow older, their energy and vitality begins to wane, and the day finally arrives when you have to say goodbye. At 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™, we understand how difficult that day can be for you and your family. That’s why we offer calm and kind dog euthanasia in Los Angeles, where we come to your home and help your pooch to pass peacefully.

It’s important to us that you are allowed to be with your dog during its final days, and if you’ve noticed that its suffering has become unbearable, and no treatment or medicine seems to help any more, we can help you with the difficult decision to put your pet to sleep. Once consent is gathered and your dog is comfortable, our expert team will administer a sedative, followed by an overdose of barbiturate, which will guide your pet into a painless and gentle passing.

We also offer aftercare options for you and your family, so if you’d like to keep your pet’s remains, we will deliver them to you in an urn, along with a memorial paw print, if you so choose. You’ll always have the memories of those summer days spent running through the woods or playing at the dog park, and with our in-home approach to dog euthanasia Los Angeles, you’ll be able to cherish those memories forever.