The time spent with your dog is precious and over the years, you’ve made many lasting memories. As they get older, it can be very difficult to watch them suffer with mobility and other health issues. If their suffering has become too much for them to bear, make the loving decision and call 911 Vets® Home Pet Medical™ today. When it comes to dog euthanasia in Los Angeles, we will gladly make a caring house call to your home and help you during this difficult time. Once your family has made the decision to let your pet pass peacefully to the next life, we will guide them in a calm and painless way.

Our complete services include sedation, euthanasia, private cremation and aftercare. We can return your pet’s ashes to you in an urn, or you can arrange other aftercare services. We want you to cherish the memories of your pet forever, and we will help in any way that we can. We will provide a memorial clay paw print with your pet’s name, so that you can remember the many years of companionship. We understand that this is an emotional time for your family and we want to come alongside you and help with the transition.

If you’d like a free phone consultation regarding dog euthanasia in Los Angeles, please call 310-477-4140 and our dispatcher will gladly assist you. Allow your dog to remain comfortable and free from anxiety in their own home by calling 911 Vets® today. We’re here to provide caring and compassionate service.