How in tune are you with your dog? Dogs react to the humans around usually as the leader of the pack. They want to lick you feet, clean your body, get INSIDE your body they love you and want to be fully accepted by you.

When it comes to illness in our dog, how does the DOG want to appear to YOU pack leader? Strong and ready to do your bidding, of course. The DOG wants to hide any unworthiness, flaws, weakness or vulnerability. The poor dog conceals his disease until it is TOO LATE to save him or her.

How is your dog demonstrating disease? Many times it is very slow, subtle and gradual. “One day” the dog appears TOO skinny. How could and why didn’t we find this horrible cancer much sooner?!? You kick yourself in the ass over and over. You know the dog collapsed but got better and i let it go.


Im sorry. Was i yelling??

Attention large dog owners: your dog may be carrying a time bomb under the ribcage. Its called hemangiosarcoma. I dont know why but it is becoming more and more common as the silent killer of large breed dogs. I see three of these a week on average. We vets are sick of this. We would much rather your Golden lives a long life playing frisbee on the beach so we can give yearly exams and health checks and family pictures for years to come


Quick ultrasound screen of the spleen and liver will SAVE YOUR DOG’S LIFE.

We will come to your home 3 times a year for a great price we cannot publish. We will see your dog for a 15 minute cancer screen of the spleen and liver 3 times a year after age 8 for $195 please search Hemangiosarcoma in dogs

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