After weeks of misery, the fleas has finally left the building. Itchy bleeding scabs on the body of me and my children have finally healed leaving barely a scar. The dogs are now only scratching at their Standard Poodle ears: a constant source of yeasty aggravation requiring weekly flushing, plucking and medicating. Our Hero? An oral medication called Comfortis. Every few years a new killer anti-flea product comes on the scene and becomes the latest annihilator of the dreaded insect. It all is extremely effective until the medication seems to “lose power”. This is followed by the discovery of live, biting fleas roaming the poor pet. Classic re-infestation. The new med is not working anymore. I have seen resistance to Frontline, Advantage and Program. This new oral med has promise and has worked so far with Garbo and Rupie (pictured).

The place was sprayed madly with the only product I found to work: Vet-Kem Siphotrol plus Premise spray (we can get you a good deal). I had to spray my vehicle since my ankles were attacked while I WAS DRIVING?! It makes for a difficult drive when you are constantly picking at small brown objects on your legs. The Vet-Kem did the trick after several applications. I used 4 cans between the home and the cars. You have to spray the carpets, the corners of the room, the couches including under the cushions. Move the bed and spray beneath. Strip the mattress and stand it on end. Spray both sides of the mattress. Spray and wash all pet beds. Spray the dog house (with dog removed). Consider using Vet-Kem yard spray. I found if you skrimp on the spraying, the fleas that have not been eradicated will return with a vengeance. Hateful little creatures.

Well anyway, they seem to be gone for the time being. That is, until the Comfortis is no longer effective and we have to use the next generation of cold-hearted flea killaz!