Examples of procedures either surgical, dental or noninvasive performed either in the home or by Providers in a veterinary facility with or without sedation or anesthesia. We offer routine services such as spay & neuter to more complex services and we come to you.

Anesthesia, General

Induction and ongoing general anesthesia as needed to perform surgery, procedures or certain diagnostics. We use safe Propofol and Isofluorane gas.


Aspiration of fluid of tumor mass for laboratory examination.


Surgical procedure obtaining tissue for diagnosis. Anesthesia and pathological evaluation at additional cost.

Bone Marrow Aspirate

Needle aspiration for evaluation of bone marrow.


Drainage of fluid from abdominal or thoracic cavity.

Dentistry Routine or Anesthesia-Free

The dental scaling and polishing of teeth when possible with or without sedation.

Dental Extractions

Surgical removal of abscess, broken, malformed, deleterious teeth. Often includes gingovoplasty (gum surgery).


Physical manipulation of rectal and colon contents to relieve severe blockage of bowel. Anesthesia at additional cost.

Eye Stain

Dye applied to the cornea to determine if a defect is present.

Feline Neuter

Castration of cat during house call visit or performed in the clinic.

Flush/Infusion Sac/Wound

Instillation of antiseptic solution into an infected area to facilitate drainage and healing.

Nasolacrimal Flush

Flushing of eye duct that may be clogged or blocked.

Neuter or Spay

Elective surgery performed in clinic. Includes IV fluid support, general anesthesia, surgical monitoring. Recommended Pre-operative blood testing is additional.


General anesthesia and reversal for quick recovery

Stomach Tube

Passing of tube into the stomach to deliver medication or relieve pressure

Urinary Catheter or Unblocking

Procedure to relieve blockage and collect urine for lab testing


Ultrasound-guided drainage of sac covering the heart