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Pet hospice care is a very special kind of care for any pet facing a life-limiting illness. 911 VETS Home Pet Medical provides medical hospice. Our services are all about alleviating pain and managing symptoms. Pet hospice neither hastens nor prolongs the dying process; it emphasizes quality of life.

Our Veterinarian Provider manages the medical care of the pet in the home to best approximate focused, hospitalized care with emphasis on pain management. Technician Providers carry out home nursing care and treatments. Treatment packages are available for long-term care.

Historical Review

Medical historical summary of prior conditions of relevance outlined in chronological order and whether or not they are current conditions.  The Dispatcher collects all medical records from known veterinary Providers. Lab work and diagnostic images are obtained. The materials are reviewed by the veterinarian to facilitate relevant medical care.

Veterinarian Housecall Initial Evaluation

After careful review of the medical records including prior surgeries, procedures, specialty visits and diagnostic testing, the attending 911 VETS Home Pet Medical Veterinarian Provider develops a plan to help manage the patient’s condition making the remaining days as comfortable as possible. Physical therapy, nutrition, hydration, sanitation, and pain management needs are assessed.

Technician Hospice Care

The technician carries out the orders prescribed by the attending veterinarian that may include regular once a day, twice a day or continuous round the clock care of the hospice patient as necessary. The technician also monitors the pain level and overall quality of life working closely with the Veterinarian Provider.