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Home Pet Euthanasia

The Kindest Decision

The decision you have made after consulting with your veterinarian as well as family and friends to end suffering, pain, and the loss of life quality is a loving, caring one. Your decision to have pet euthanasia at home is the most peaceful, stress-free situation for your dear family member.

Our Procedure

Our veterinarians are experienced in the most gentle method of euthanasia that is determined by the history, current treatment and evaluation of the condition of the pet at the time of the house visit. The doctor will come to your home, some information and your consent will be gathered. When your pet is in a comfortable place the doctor will administer a heavy sedative that will take effect in minutes. This will make the pet unaware and out of pain. The doctor will then administer an overdose of barbiturate, which will peacefully ease the pet to sleep.

Our Fees

911 VETS Veterinarian Providers can provide our caring service on an appointment basis, or if unavoidable, on an emergency basis 24 hours a day. Appointments are made for the same day, evening or the following day. We generally do not make appointment further than 48 hours in the future. You have recognized that your pet’s life quality is greatly diminished and the suffering must end soon.

We offer complete services tailored to your needs that include sedation, in home euthanasia, private cremation with delivery to your home in a complimentary decorative urn, or aftercare without return of ashes. You may make other arrangements for aftercare. The fee depends upon several factors: whether the next available appointment is taken or an emergency is required, the size of the pet, and the aftercare option selected.

Please call dispatch at 1-310-477-4140 where we will be glad to assist you in this emotional time of need. If you reside in the Greater Los Angeles Area and would like to discuss the situation with one of our veterinarian Providers, we offer free phone consultation to help you clarify the situation. Please also check our FAQ page for more information.

Euthanasia Options

911 VETS Home Pet Medical is able to help your pet transition from a painful living existence to a peace in the afterlife. The doctor will customize the procedure according to the specific needs of the pet and family. A one or two injection protocol will be used to make your pet unconscious as if ready for surgery. The final injection will be given in most rapid, merciful manner to effect as possible.The fee for the procedure depends upon the size/breed of the pet and your chosen aftercare option which include a communal cremation with scattering of cremains, or a return of cremains in a decorative urn. You may also specify another urn of your choosing. Please discuss your specific needs in detail with us and we will do the best to accommodate.

Please note: There may be additional fees for:

  • Emergency service
  • After-hours
  • Travel time beyond 30 minutes
  • Special handling where there is danger to personnel and/or the animal

The dispatcher can give you an estimated range of fees. The final fee will be given at the time of the visit.

We strive to use our experience to make your experience the most comfortable for all concerned.

Euthanasia Consultation

Free phone consultation regarding home euthanasia for those residing in the greater Los Angeles Area.


Engraving on cremation urn.

Paw Print

Heart Paw Print of pet in clay custom made by Dr. Steve Weinberg included with every private cremation if desired.